Bill and Joanne Peppard
Lead Pastors 
Pastor Bill and Joanne love watching individuals move from believers to disciples. To be a part of someone’s journey of becoming a fully committed disciple of Jesus is one of the most humbling and exhilarating parts of leading a church. 
Jason and Carrie Ekle
Student Ministries Pastors
Jason and Carrie are proud parents of 3 boys (Austin , Gavin , Colton) and have served at Ann Arbor Assembly of God since August 2015.  Their passion for the youth ministry is apparent by the way they love the students, care for relationships with parents, and serve selflessly in the name of Jesus.  
Joe and Jodi Latocki
Christian Education Pastor and
Children’s Ministries Pastor
Joe and Jodi Latocki are the proud parents of Sofie.  Joe is dedicated to discipleship and mentoring people in the Word through our LifeTime Ministry School.  His ingenuity to equip and disciple God’s people is recognized by leadership to be exemplary. Jodi has faithfully served as the pastor of children’s ministry at A3oG.   Her passion for children”s ministry is only outmatched by her love and devotion to her family and to God.
Heather and Josh Kittle
Worship Pastors
Heather and Josh are proud parents of Cole  and Jayden.  Besides their obvious gifting to lead music, their passion for the move of the Holy Spirit with every note, is evident.  They strive to duplicate themselves by raising up worship leaders and help grow the musicians on their team. 
Kevin and Debbie
Care Pastors
Kevin and Debbie have selflessly served as care pastors at A3oG for several years.  Their hearts to give of themselves in order to minister to everybody in need shows.