Pulse Student Ministries is a group of students 7th grade to 12th grade that meet every Wednesday night 6:45-8:15pm


Build relationships and community in a culture that seems disconnected. Loaded with fast-paced worship and interactive activities, we address real issues teens face each day.


We strive for students to see Christ as the answer, getting an opportunity to know Him better through worship, small groups, and activities.  Students are to love God and each other as Christ has loved us, and to impact those around them with His love.


To create a safe place where everyone is family and everyone belongs.
What We Do
all out war
Coming this summer…A competition that will leave you wishing wednesday nights would never end

We’re kicking off a new series called All Access. In it, we’ll be talking to your students about what it means to truly be close to (or have all access) to God and how that shapes our lives. We’ll look at how Jesus made a way for us to truly have all access to God.