sunday 10:15AM-11:45AM
6-12 years old

The Victory Kid’s REMIX class is an opportunity for kids to grow in God’s Word on a personal level. This class is designed for discipleship through conversations and questions relating to the current Victory Kid’s series! Kids have the opportunity to discuss their faith with other kids and leaders in relation to the study and their personal faith walk!

The Victory Express class is intended to provide kids the opportunity to recognize the gifts and talents God has given them and then use these gifts to honor God and others! Kid’s  are provided with hands-on experiences of serving others- in the church, at nursing homes, or in the community, as well as ministering through music, drama, art, dance and technology! 

The Victory Kid’s service is purposed to engage and encourage kids in their faith in every sense! Through time with friends, games, praise and worship, prayer, lessons, group activities, opportunities to give to mission’s and fund raise, volunteer in service projects, leading in ministry, or hanging out at our Fun Nights- our Victory Kid’s service provides an all-encompassing experience for kids to grow, thrive & live out their faith!